Bug Report 8/30/2018 & Important Feedback

Game mode: [Active Co-Op]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [EU]

After spending a few days playing since the update I have seen a lot of glitches that need addressing for the next update and I hope all of these get addressed before releasing new content. The worst thing that can be done is new content be pushed out and all these bugs go left unchecked so lets top off to fixing bugs before releasing the pet update.


  • Admin Setting Ghost command not working checkbox does not stay checked after closing

  • Admin command fly does not work in Singleplayer/Active Co-op

  • Crafting glitch occurs randomly that you cannot craft all with triangle you have to craft one first then it will work.

  • Enemies are spawning inside my base currently located underneath the hand of the maker they are spawning inside my base at random.

  • The Stove randomly with crafting soup will say salt is missing when salt is in the stove to restore you have to take salt out then put it back in.

  • When sitting next to a chest with its quick menu open to loot items admin menu window functions cannot be performed because the game thinks your trying to interact with the quick menu instead of the admin menu.

  • Radical menu glitches out and items cannot be removed from the radical wheel and placed into inventory must swap an item from inventory to radical wheel to switch items.

  • Respawning on bed regardless of bed placement position with active co-op players leaves me the host or another co-op player stuck in air and cannot move. Stuck player has to die or be teleported to fix. This issue also occurs when entering boss locations that require you to go through a loading screen to get in.

  • The Dregs Pedestal where you must kill an exile on to enter the boss lair. NPC exiles go through floor when running, standing, or dragged by bindings onto the pedestal.

  • The Bearer Pack has the option to dye but color boxes are not select able to apply dye and item description is missing.

  • Merchants in the city of the relic hunters when you press x on the talk option they do not say anything.

  • When in a thralls inventory selecting items from your inventory does not make the yellow highlight when you press X to select the item to move it.

  • When your being entertained by a entertainer the buff status reads health regeneration is increased by 0% Unable to tell if the entertain buff works or not.

Animation Issues

  • When Sandstorm occurs no matter which direction is comes from every npc and players hair, armor and other waveable assets all blow in one direction.

  • On Respawn or teleportation character gets stuck in crouch stance and floats above ground must roll to fix this animation issue.

  • After Closing session when rejoining a lot of thralls when wearing no armor including uniques appear with coarse clothes visually.


  • Thralls who can only be placed at benches, tables, cauldrons, and other functional craftables should be customizeable I would like to keep all my slaves in matching uniform regardless what their job is.

  • When aiming with a bow while target locked at certain distances camera gets jerked down to the ground and your aim is at the floor or closest to your targets feet. This should be fixed so regardless of distance the camera is focused around the targets chest if wanted add a soft aim by holding L2 while target locked to move reticle for aiming at head, hands, legs or feet.

  • Add a free camera option to free roam anywhere from a certain distance from player body so players can capture scenery or whatever without their character being in the way.

  • Add a orbital camera option to keep your character centered in screen for screenshots.

  • Bearer Thralls should have more inventory slots then other thralls because their purpose is to be a packmule so whats the significance if they only have 5 slots like every other thrall?

  • When making a custom marker on the map selecting the symbol it is very hard to see the faint grey highlight that indicated your currently on this icon in the selection of map symbols please make it more visible so I and other people can see what icon I currently have selected.

  • Warpaint Duration should be increased for what it cost to make the duration should be longer at least 4-6 hours real time because of its short duration warpaint is considered not worth using.

  • Active CO-OP sessions npcs/creatures should spawn around any player entering spawn set vicinity not only when the host of the co-op session enters those areas.

  • Player Tether distance should be an option for CO-OP sessions I do not like having to be a certain distance from the host otherwise I lose control of my character and am forced to walk in his direction. This has caused multiple deaths when this happens in the middle of combat or other scenarios. The option should have an on or off toggle and if on the host can set the distance for his own stability.

  • There are 2 hanging braziers with the same icon that can be crafted but both are different sizes one of the icons should change because one is 2 chain links longer then the other and I can’t tell which one i’m using materials to craft on until I actually place it down.

  • Compost heap’s description should describe that this is a place able object so there is no confusion about it I had to read a few threads before I realized this was a place able object and not a fertilizer you put in crude planter.

  • Clans should have rank access levels for doors, thralls, trebuchet interaction, chest, crafting tables, and all of the above.

  • Trebuchet should have a aimer so you can tell where the projectile distance is going when adding counterweight.

  • Admin menu when spawning thralls could you please add at the end of their long names a M or F to indicate whether that npc is a male or female. It would make a lot of frustration disappear when roleplaying or just being creative for whatever purpose.

This is all I have discovered for now please everyone post whatever bugs and feedback you may have that has not been listed here. Lets help continue to make this game better in performance, functionality, and luxury of use.


Great report, thanks for that.
Although I don’t think the dev will have time for this, they are working on another DLC, you know.


Great list. Thank you for the extensive, quality bug reporting and feedback.

Here you go, time stamped and everything where Joel explains (for I don’t know, the 1,000th time or so since EA) how new content vs bug fixes are done. This is via Firepsark’s interview with Joel on 8/24/18. Click here. There is an extensive post by Jens also on the forums here on how the art team is in charge of the cosmetic only DLC’s, and how this doesn’t impact the work of the coders.

I had no doubt that the coders of the game were a different entity from the artistic team.
The artistic team is one of the best I ever seen working on a game (and the reason why I keep spending many hours into it), the artistic part of Conan Exiles is simply amazing, and I love it, also the beautiful soundtrack is one of the few I never felt to turn off playing for hours in a game.
The coding part instead, is hands down one of the worst I ever experienced playing videogames for 35+ years.

We got to play an early alpha release instead a full release, it is clear to everybody at this point, and that is cause for major disappointment toward FunCom and its commercial seriousness (dictated by desperate needs or not), but after 4 months I keep seeing some silly bugs (and extremely annoying) dominating the game still, and apparently the devs are indeed struggling with them, patch after patch.
In the begin I thought was just lack of funds and time the cause of the coding mess the game was/is ( I also purchased all dlcs more to support the devs, hoping they could finally hire someone that knows a thing or two about software development), but now I started to believe is a simple lack of programming skills.

All I have seen so far, is a sharp improvement in graphics (that in some case just led to incresed stuttering and lag) animations and details, clearly a more refined and complete game now, great to have that at a professional level, of course; but the stuttering on consoles still unbearable and totally game breaking (the PS4 has a very crappy HD, I know, but still) , things and npcs keep disappearing for no reasons, which is porbably the most annoying aspect of the game, working for days/weeks to achieve something that vanishes into thin air is very frustrating.

I’d say we just entered a beta phase of the game, away from a golden release in any case.
Not to mention the quality of official servers, that keep lagging like they were ran with a celeron cpu (with an average of just 5 players on) and keep crashing or even disappering for days, but this is a whole different story to discuss.


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