Bug Report Boss Storm Raid off hit kill T1 T3

now we’re playing on the official 6304 server and the community is baffled with the “storm monsters”, “bosses” are one hitting “vaults” and “T3 structures” easily. We have to mass report that, with player names and hours played, so that funcom fixes those absurd mechanics. There’s no way of playing for hours and hours to build bases that would require 4 gods and 3k explosives to be raided, and get it razed to the ground by one storm boss witch has no raange limit to lure thru the map. Could you help us expose this to the community so we get a mass report hoping funcom to fix it? This is the worst bug that has ever been around “bugexiles”, I mean Conan exiles. There is no safe base.


It has been reported and will be fixed.
Making exploits public will do more harm then good.
Consider deleting your post and direct messaging a moderator.
Also, make sure you check the terms of conduct before reporting anything.

Best regards.

Just one hit from the boss destroys an entire vault, that’s unbelievable.

But thats the problem. I’ve sent and email myself and i know some other friends that already did the same but we have a small amount of players that are using and abusing from that in PvE servers already.