Bug report - Journey Steps

Online private server and Test-live
America, North

Several journey step are not completing.

  1. Players are unable to receive credit for the following journey steps:
    a. Obtain a mount
    b. Obtain the head of a boss creature
    c. Find a message in a bottle
    d. Lure an enemy into a trap
    e. Squish something in a fluid press
    f. Equip a Raider Armor Piece
    g. Command a Follower.
  2. With the exception of “Command a Follower” the listed journey steps are intermittent depending on the player. Some players have had some of these journey steps completed.
  3. Tested this issue with several players and to date none have been able to complete “Command a follower”.
  4. The users on the server have yet to discover four of the last journey steps so cannot state whether any other journey steps are also bugging.

Thank you for your time in researching this and we appreciate the work you’ve done and are doing in the development and management of this great game.

Are you running mods? Command a Follower is the only one that doesn’t work for me, I believe. I have at least a few of the mentioned ones here. I guess one of these bugs that happens at random.

I can confirm I am unable to obtain Command a Follower. The others on your list I was able to earn. Private server with one mod only, Pippi.

I have also had an issue with completing ‘Command a Follower’ on a Private server with no mods, no matter what I tell a Thrall or Pet to do it doesn’t seem to count towards this Journey, leaving the next chapters with ? journeys.

Hey there,

We’re aware of the command a follower journey step not working and our team is looking into it.
Thanks for the feedback.


Not sure that it helps, but I have tested commands with pets, both new, old, and from different tiers of animal pen. Using an island lynx (acquired post 2.05 patch) from the tier 3 pen accepted and obeyed commands, but did not trigger the journey step. I have not tested with a thrall.

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