Bug report List

Dungeons :

  • Tank and Healer seem to have an issue with out of combat ( take 5-10 more seconds than dps) in several dungeons.
  • Polaris 3 : if you kill the boss too quickly, the water remains electric and doing damage.
  • Polaris 5 : some aoe are not visible, the effect is at the bottom of the water.
  • Hell Raised 6 : Machine tyrant can double hit.
  • Hell Raised 6 elite 5+ : dots can sometime kill you when the boss has his shield.
  • Ankh 6 : When Klein teleport down to cast Mutation wave, if he is too much dpsed (teleport before casting the wave), he spawn again without being targetable and cast a new mutation wave.
  • Hell Eternal 6 : The boss can cast Dark rush and cast out very quickly, result is the teleport to boss with the explosion at the same time (maybe add a 5-10 secs delay between the 2 spells)
  • Darkness War 3 : Too much desynchronisation in this boss and the lines are often not wehere the visual is.
  • Darkness War 6 : when adds are ressurected if they come close to the zone of the varagian, you can’t target them or they evade every attack.

Museum :

  • 4th draft is still purchasable even after all rooms unlocked.
  • When using a pedestal, for 6 secs you are stunned for the creation of the statue but after that any pedestal in your inventory get a 9 secs cooldown.Running to the curator and buying a pedestal get you no cooldown and is way faster .

Items :

  • Double Barrel shotgun : the additionnal damage doesn’t register in combat log.

Lairs :

  • “Improved the behavior when generating new instances of the adventure zones to allow members of groups and raids to more easily be placed together.” not working properly with kaidan.
  • Aspect of long-tooth follow player to the anima well when they are killed by his charge (after hounded).
  • Aspect of long-tooth is not attackable for 3-4 secondes when it spawns and has already aggro on players.

Mission :

Carpatian fangs :

  • Selected Memories : Tier 3 - Objective: Examine the documents : The guard in front of the documents is not attracted by the explosion of the gas canister.

Kaidan :

  • Population of Filth : (side mission inside The Spiral), some filth polluted don’t count for the mission (the one who drop from the top floor).
  • Pirating the signal : using the scanner make you lose sprint
  • Text : using the phone to activate the radar make you lose sprint
  • Spiral : Last mob in the pool of glue can reset and come back full HP.

Raid :

  • Birds when spawning can sometimes not ba attackable but have aggro on players.

Scenarios :

UI :

  • Glyph Xp is not showing properly when empowering. https://i.imgur.com/EV96zA2.jpg
  • Missions Item don’t display the cooldown anymore in the shortcut bar.

Weapon :

  • Fist : Regneration can heal blood dps with high level of corruption.
  • Shotgun : Clean up , you need to have 6 shells to use it. Tooltip says it consummes 6 shells same as Kneecapper but you can use kneepcapper with less than 6 shells.
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