Bug Report No loot in Corpses

I started the PC-Version yesterday in single-player mode. After I reached the oasis I killed several Imps, Rabbits, Crocodiles, humans. They are all without any loot. I checked the loottable online. So they should drop meat and bones. Both are essential to develop. So I had to close the game. :frowning: Please kill the bug asap.

This isn’t a bug, it’s a misunderstand of how things work.

Only humans are supposed to have loot.

For animals, you get your loot by harvesting them with a tool, such as a skinning knife or cleaver.
Skinning knife for hides and pelts, cleaver for meat and heads to use as trophies. Juse use a hatchet if you can’t make those tools yet.

Sometimes low level exile humans won’t have loot but pretty much all of the higher level ones will.