Bug Report (talking about insect) What was that?

I encountered some giant wasp-like insects near the eastern boundary that looked like they came straight out of Starship Troopers. What are they called?

Are you talking about the Locust?

That’s the one. Thanks for the info

For a moment you had me thinking of the Sand Locust, but I didn’t know they would show up in the east until now. I always remembered them in the western portion of the map hot zones, but then again, I haven’t tried out the testive yet.
Their poison glands make for a potent poison that can be cooked down in the firebowl cauldron, then applied to weapons.

Last night I watched a recorded livestream by Moos. He and Thor took on the boss locust at the eastern boundary and got a legendary 2-hander sword called the Watchman. It’s just to the northeast of the pirate ship.

:shushing_face: I use them as trained venomous attack dogs around my base. :skull_and_crossbones:

I actually saw two of those things today. One in the west near the Crown and another in The Passage.
I took a pot shot and the one in The Passage and it didn’t even flinch.
Definitely world bosses.
From their looks, they’re Sand Locust Queens. BIG Pinchers on their back ends.
“Earwigs” is what they resemble.