BUG REPORT: Thralls, performance, Menu, Control presets

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]
Region: [NA]
Revision: [# 95508/17767 ]

  1. Bug: Controller Presets
    Default: Cycle building mode, character crouches with every button press with triangle
    Alternate: When placing building pieces/thralls- Character crouches with every button press with R1

  2. Bug: inventory menu- sort item: picking anthing but custom leads to some items not being removable from radial menu… Steps on how to reproduce issue:
    1.Place items in radial menu
    2.Play or reopen menu and sort items by weight,name,ect.

  3. Bug: Thralls not regenerating health, they seem to be set at 104 after removal from wheel of pane, example: Tier 1 cimmerian fighter health 104/150 if health goes down from damage(no health regen) restart game restores health back to 104 [Other than that i have no other prolems with thralls, they drag up horisontal and vertical elevaters just fine, they equip weapons and attack as intended ] :slight_smile:

  4. Performance Bug: Audio Delay, sound is delayed by 2 to 3 seconds, mostly during minor lag, some locations are worse than others.

HAVING TONS OF FUN with the Purge system :smile: A BIG THANK YOU to everyone at FunCom :blush:
PS. other than these bugs, My game is running fine. im running a 2018 PS4 slim 1TB maybe that make a difference ?

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