Bug Reporting Guidelines


When Reporting Bugs it is helpful if you give us as much information as possible on the Bug.

The Reports Title should start with a Classification Type in Square Brackets and a very short description of the Bug to identify it.

Then provide us with a more detailed Description of the bug, Steps to Replicate the Bug and any other useful information that may be pertinent, like Shift f9 Information, please try to avoid abbreviations where possible.

The Report Classification Types are as Follows:

  • World - For all geo, floating plants, etc
  • Mission - For all mission issues
  • Org - For all organisation/guild issues
  • UI - For problems with the GUI
  • Graphics - For problems with the graphics/rendering engine/animation/models
  • Nano - For problems with nanos
  • Perk - For problems with perks
  • Item - For problems with items
  • NPC - For problems with NPCs and Monsters
  • Feedback - For feedback instead of an actual bug report
  • Research - For problems with research
  • GMI - For problems with the global market interface
  • Mail - For problems with the mail system
  • Text - For problems with text, spelling, grammar, etc.
  • Testlive - For bugs of any type that are specific to the latest patch on Testlive
  • Other - For if something just doesn’t fit with in any of the other categories

BH G+ may (and are expected to) rename topics to reference the classification type.

Example Bug Report:

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