[BUG] Server restart - Wake up nude in the desert!

Game mode: [Online | Mulitplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [Offical EU #1307]

When the server restart at it’s normal time 5AM in the morning. First of there was no warning. So I got disconnected and woke up in the desert naked, lost all my gear and stuff on me, rather annoying for a survival game. The second time it happen. I just log on after a normal quit the game, and I wake up with 6-7 other unconscious people down in the desert, again lost all my stuff. The third time I did get a fatal error, and I wake up naked again (did send report).

My clans base is untouched, I can remove my bracelet and wake up in my base again. It have happen do others in my clan as well. I though official servers would be a bit better than this after the release.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: