BUG: Set Shrine moves/re-centers forward when upgraded T2->T3

Game mode: Online & Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: All

When a Set Shrine is upgraded from level 2 to level 3, the shrine is moved forward by a distance equal to roughly 25% of the building’s length. It seems as though the level 3 shrine model is not centered on the same point as the level 1 and level 2 models. This can result in shrines that fit onto balconies or inside rooms when originally built suddenly hanging out into space or overlapping stuff in ways they could not have been built after upgrade.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build level 1 Set shrine, preferably somewhere where it couldn’t be built just a little bit further forward
  2. Upgrade to level 2
  3. Upgrade to level 3
  4. Shrine will have moved forward and may now be in a position that you could not have originally built it in.

I built a Set shrine, as well as Mitra (there was a similar report about that shrine too) and both remained on spot after upgrading.

Not sure if this is really easy to reproduce.
Where you in render distance while it was upgrading?
Because I was back then.

Single player, vanilla settings, PC, post MOAP:
I recently upgraded all four religions in solo games to check how many foundations squares they occupied and if they moved upon upgrading in order to plan for my building in multi player. This is what I found:

From t1 to t2, not much change re size and position.

From t2 to t3:
Set moved forward about one foundation square
Ymir moved forward about one foundation square
Mitra didn’t move forward but can’t remember at this point if it got significantly larger
Derkato did not move and stayed within its original foundation size
Yog did not move forward, did increase its size a little bit … mainly noted on the t1 to t2 transition that the back took up more space with the tree.

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Just tested in SP. I upgraded a Set shrine from 2->3 while watching, and as with Kwalya’s tests, it went forward about a foundation block’s length.

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