Bug & Suggestion: The Unnamed City mobs bug and Library of the Esoteric Artifacts suggestion

I didn’t take screenshot but since long time a lot of The Unnamed City mobs even bosses spawns underground. Not only the Unnamed City tho a lot of place even resources are spawning underground (I see a lot of Aloe Vera under the ground and can’t be gathered at all)
Also Fragment of Power and the Library of the Esoteric Artifact needs rework. Because wiki page says " The statistical average number of attempts required to learn all 30 recipes from the Library is 120." For example what is the point person get “Tablet of Power” at 100th try. They could just use Fragments as they are. Learning those needs some rework.

Lots of content is designed in the laziest possible way: ‘just RNG it’. Unfortunately.

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Currently, when you talk to the Archivist (in the library) he offers you Weapon Oils for five FoPs. I think the Weapon Oils and Tablet of Power recipes should be flip-flopped, so Weapon Oils would be RNG but you can use your first five FoPs to buy Tablet of Power. This way you would still have to farm FoPs to get the recipe but you could get it whenever you wanted.

Yea what exatly I was thinking but I let the developers find that solution :smiley:

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