BUG: T2 carpenter hyrkanian bow

Game mode: Official
Problem: Bug

T2 carpenter at station. I have hyrkanian bow knowledge, and at the station it says he can make exceptional hyrkanian bow. But then it says requires knowledge: Hyrkanian bow. which I have, but it wont let me create it.

Repro steps:

  1. carpenter station
  2. learn hyrkanian bow feat
  3. place t2 carpenter at station
  4. cannot craft exceptional hyrkanian bow, says do not have the knowledge.

There are two Hyrkanian bows with the exact same name. Check the damage values to make sure it’s the one you’re thinking it should be. One has a base damage of 7, the other of 9.

It seems like you may be trying to craft the higher tier bow.

Well that is messed up. Why would they add a second Hyrkanian bow with the same exact name. That is just silly, especially when the requirement just says Hyrkanian bow.

That’s an excellent question. It even has the same appearance. Just one is unlocked at level 20 and the other is level 30.

And when you look at the crafting table, in the upper section for the thrall knowledge, it doesn’t show the damage. so you have no idea it is the higher one. thanks for the clarification. I still think it is a bug and they should name the 2nd one something else.

Oh yeah, you’re right. I forgot about that.

I remember it being weird, too. I’ve had carpenter thralls that could only make the regular version of one Hyrkanian bow but could do exceptional for the other. I’ve also seen exceptional for one and flawless for the other on a different carpenter. If they worked like every other artisan thrall, they should be able to do exceptional/flawless for ‘both’.