Bug t6 rune bonus

Hi. I noticed if I apply the kopas of dunes 1he as offhand and the slightly better base dps t5 1he axe as main hand I consitently loose/miss one crawling mist stack when ever i switch weapons to t6 2HE. All works if i put kopas of dunes 1he in main hand. But as said I would like to have highest possible base dps wep in main. Could you please fix that? Btw i use vanity weps if that might have introduced the prob.

Crom if you can’t handle the sword I am always up for a refund.

I am more used to axes but i know what is the handle and what is the blade :wink: so im confident i used it the right way :sunglasses:

I am pretty sure it’s intended. It’s so you cannot cheese it and run with x2 of them and proc blessings that way. It’s considered (Can only have one) anyways so I don’t see the problem.
For optimal tanking you run it in main hand and T4 guardian sword in off hand
For most dps you wouldn’t use it anyways.

Vanity weapons did not introduce this bug, it has existed all the time. And again, I do think it’s intended. If not, it’s for the better anyways.

But if i have equipped only one it shouldnt matter if i use it main or offhand since the item itself states I exactly have both options. Also the buff is there as long as it dont switch weapons even in offhand. So its definitely a bug to me. Btw the sword is also not considered having one i did see ppl equipping both of them.

It’s just coded that way, nothing else.

Which is your guess i guess :sunglasses: the fact that I get the buff intependant of slot placed but loose it after switching to 2he definitely is not a arguable behaviour. Either it should be never there in offhand but not affected by switching the weapons from DW to 2H.

wait, I don’t see the problem? I logged my conq just now and there is no issue for me?
Do you mean that you still want to have the buff from your weapons in your alternative slot (shift+r if you wish) even when they are not up?

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I mean, it works as intended for me here. And if I swap to 2h and back to 1h it’s still the same.

I have t6 2he on one slot. Copas of dunes and other weapon in other slot. I have 2 rf rings with crawling mist buff and t6 amulet. Stack crawling mist buff up to 4. Now if COpas is in off hand stack is 4. But if switch to warded brute 2he it should stay on 4 but drops to 3. It dosent happen if COpas is on main.

Yeah okay I get it now. I misunderstood with a bug that was previously in the game I think. Where you didn’t get the buff at all if the weapon was in off hand slot to begin with. I still do believe it’s because you aren’t supposed to have that one in off hand to begin with.
I don’t have two of them, but curious to see what happens with it then in 2h.

If you switching weapons sometimes it happens like the t6 buff from weapon or amulet does not count to your stacks. I sometimes see one more or one less ashur buff. I have to swap weapons or reequip accesories.

Thanks i already unequipped all related items yesterday some times but did not change.