Bug taming animal

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Online private server - PVE

  1. I put animal and food in enclosure
  2. Nothing appears in the line Awaiting production
  3. I cant have the animals babies grown up

What is the solution to fix this problem
Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the forum!

Which type of animal are you trying to tame, and which type of food are you using?

Also you have stated that you are playing on a private server, do you know if the server settings have been altered at all?

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I am on a private server. Same problem with stable or enclosure for animal.
We put babies animals such as ostrich with upland berries or foal with vegetable fibres
and nothing appears in Awaiting production. I tryed different times of production in enclosures but always same, nothing appears in Awaiting production.
I stopped and restarted server, always same.


Check your server settings under pet taming default would be 1.0 that also governs times for thralls. I have reduced the time on my server to make it quicker. You might also try actually hitting the start button when installing pets there may have been a change with new pens
And welcome to the Forum

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Is wheel of pain working properly?

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Well you appear to be doing everything correctly. As Sestus suggests it might be down to a conflict of server settings. Also it would be good to know if the wheel of pain is working.

I have previously seen players have issues with animal taming when other server settings multipliers are changed. Even if they seem to be unrelated to the animal taming process.

As you stated you have the ability to restart the server, I assume you are the admin. My advice would be to return your server settings to default. If the taming then works, you can return your modified settings one-by-one until you find the conflict.

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Thank you for reply. I will check and come back

It seemed but i will check again

Thanks for reply. I will look and try. I will let you know.


Someone had a issue last week not being able to knock out thralls could not get find the issue he @LordKAA recommended reset everything back to default and carefully tweaked settings. Have had a Exiles server since 2018 there is some settings on Gportal site you can not find ingame and some ingame settings you adjust changes after daily restart. Hopefully some of this will help.

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Thank you

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Thank you everybody. I finally fixed the problem by increasing time in wheel of pain
Best regards


Awesome, have fun!

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