Bug: Thrall and Horse Stuck in Closed Vault

I got to the end of the Wolf Brothers vault and the main chest with the sigil was empty so I stupidly decided to log out Single Player and then log back in to try and reset it. Now I am stuck outside the vault and it won’t open and my thrall and horse are stuck inside. I tried speeding up time with slomo 20 but still couldn’t get it to come open. Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this besides summoning the thralls? I don’t want to lose all the armor and loot on them. It was a lot of work to make them.

When you logged out, your mount and your follower stopped following you and entered the “scouting” state. After a while in the scouting state, they should teleport to the last location where they were in “guarding” state.


CodeMage has it right, but I will add one little proviso - in singleplayer I’ve sometimes found that if you’re in the area, they try to run rather than teleporting (not always, and it hasn’t happened to me recently, but it might be worth waiting nearer to their guard point than to their current location). I once wound up chasing my Hyena halfway across the Exiled Lands during a ‘scouting incident’ - admittedly I probably would have caught him sooner if I hadn’t kept stopping to harvest the corpses - but at the time I had no idea what was going on and he just appeared to be heading in a random direction killing everything in his path :grin:


Thanks guys. I was confused because they were both listed as still following. It took a while but I returned to my base. I opened up the followers tab and hit refresh and they went to scouting. Then shortly after they showed up at the base.

I wonder if I go back the vault will still be locked? Will have to check. I think something wonky was going on since they were still showing as located in the vault and following at the time.

I really hope they do hot fix pass to fix these vault issues. Not really worth running them if they are going to be so broken. The wolf brothers vault had no boss and the main chest was empty.


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