Bug thrall wheel of pain

Yesterday , after server reboot, my thrall in the wheel of pain was missing.
Today i put three thralls in the wheel, but after server reboot, all three had disappeared, but the thrall from yesterday has reappeared…

This only happens during server reboot, not after disconnection.


Sounds like another variation of the bug where the database isn’t properly loading all of the items upon server start. The items still exist in the database, they just aren’t showing.

Funcom has said they are aware of the bug and it will be fixed in a future patch.



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Which type of server are you playing on?


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Based on the info you posted, I would guess it’s the bug they’re working on fixing:

Can you look at your event log and confirm that nothing seems out of the ordinary?


Pvp official, no mod installed.

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Sounds like someone got into your base, stole the taskmaster, then waited for the three thralls, came back, and put the taskmaster back in to finish them off :slightly_smiling_face: ninja style. Or it could just be the server.db issue… did you check event logs?


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