Bug to fix in the French version of the events log : "Was killed by thief"

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe


The “events log” is enabled on the server.

Many players take advantage of ravaging bases, using only their followers. So only the indication “Thief” is visible in the logs (“Killed by Thief”).

This causes a lot of problems, because nobody knows who the attackers are.

Is there a way to replace this “Thief” indication with the name of the player/clan?

This incomplete mention ruins the PvP game, since no one knows who is attacking and who to retaliate against.

Thanks for your help!


How you think they raid only using followers? If they take some items it should show up their name / clan.

hey there sometimes changing your game to english will show something else than thief ( I have the same problem with french logs that show “thief” but when I switch to english it shows the correst information) .


They are just smart enough not to steal anything. They enter the base, don’t fight themselves and don’t steal anything. Their fighters decimate the animals and defenders, without leaving a trace in the logs.

Bonjour Kanza1, je parle français aussi. Je vais tester de changer la langue du jeu. Le problème, c’est que tous les joueurs du serveur sont francophones, ils ne vont pas aimer si je leur demande de basculer de langue :wink: Quoi qu’il en soit, c’est quand même un bug pénible…

tu n’as pas besoin de faire basculer tout le monde en anglais , si en jeu tu apuis sur echap / option / gameplay , et que tu sélectione anglais , ensuite tu charge l’event log , tu regardes les info pour voir si il y a des infos en plus , puis tu repasse en français :wink:

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: he’s on to us boys bale

Un grand merci, je vais essayer cette option, et j’ajouterai mon commentaire ci-dessous ensuite.

Magnifique, cela fonctionne parfaitement, un grand merci, tu sauves les serveurs PvP, qui avaient ce bug !!!

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Please find below two screenshots, showing the difference between to two languages (French vs English), and the bug to fix please in the French one.

As explained, in the French version of the logs, when a follower kills a slave/animal, the name of the player/clan is not displayed. It is replaced by “S’est fait tuer par {Thief}” (that’s mean “Was killed by {Thief}”).

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