Bug tp pnj and players

Game mode: Online officiel,PvP
Problem: I have a big problem, the problem is that I see the pnj tp and the players of the same who tp, having no latency and problem on my character I find it weird but it becomes really not happy before I had played conan and I had no problem but since I replayed and I had a bug I hope you will answer me because I love this game and it saddens me not to be able to play it properly, thank you for your understanding, see you soon. Pls

Region: EU

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @Dovaking, welcome to the forums!

Could you please clarify on the issue you are experiencing?

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Pnj is the French way to say npc , he speaks about the thralls . That’s all I can help here , because I didn’t get exactly the problem too . My friend @Dovaking if you use Google translation then we lost your point . So send your problem in French and the team will react the same . Welcome to the community :+1:

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I did not understand, to repeat the question

Je répète, je vois les pnj, les créatures, les joueurs se téléporter tout le temps, j’ai essayer de voir si c’étais de mon problème en essayant de mettre ma co en filaire, de voir si en solo ou en Coop c’est la même choses et si sur les serveur non officiel j’ai le même problème, résultat: le filaire n’enlève pas le bug, en mode solo et Coop j’ai pas se problème, et dans les serv non officiel je n’est pas se soucis, et dans les serv offi NA je les pas non plus, et donc j’ai que se soucis dans les serv EU, donc svp aidez moi, merci

If you’re only experiencing this issue in EU servers, could you please provide us with a few server numbers on the servers where you’ve verified this behavior?

As you’ve already tried putting your console on a wired connection, could you also please try to rebuild the PS4 database?

Sur la plupart des serveurs EU mais sur celui que je joue c’est le 3204, j’ai testé mais malheureusement sa ne change pas le problème
Merci de votre réponse.

We’ll reach out to you privately to request some network tests that could assist us in determining the issue.

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