Bug - Unconcious Players still in game after 7 days Official 1010

Game mode: Server 1010 Official
Type of issue: | Bug |
Server type: PvE

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1.Players out in the wild don’t die from sandstorm
2.Players stay in the world long after 7 days, remove a players house after decay, player still there over a week later
3. I have 2 at the moment that still inside my base but outside and I can’t do anything about that since it’s a PVE Server.

Kindly do enlighten me to the logic as to why you have players remain in the world after logg off, on a PVE Server, WE can’t kill them, we can’t do anything.

Before anyone comes with the idea drag a boss over I know that, problem is I made my base on an Island, and to remove / Move all the Thralls, Pets, and ontop of that drag a boss spawn over and try to have it kill the 2 that’s there is way more work then it’s worth.

One of them I remove part of a house and made it smaller so they are floating in mid air over the water since someone thought it would be a good idea to logg off on a plattform I’ve made and was about to be a small house, now it’s even smaller since I had to remove 2 rows just to get walls up.

Again, WHY do you Funcom have bodies stay in the world on PVE servers there is NO reason since they don’t get removed, they don’t die, we can’t kill them.

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This is getting worse and worse.

Now I have 3 Logged off players on my base, one even logged off on my trebuche.

I was wondering what was going on. I found an unconscious guy inside my outer wall. Couldn’t do anything with it. I also found an unconscious person outside my base. I’m new to the game, so I don’t understand exactly what is going on.

In short.

In the Server settings there are 2 options Funcom can use, have ppl remain in world after they logg off or have them removed.

For PVP this should be on so you can’t “hide” you items nor your self, since you can be killed.

For PVE this setting is ON too, and here in lies the problem, we can’t kill, move or in any other way prevent ppl from logging off were they “shouldent” do that.

There is NO logic behind having ppl remain in the world after you logg on on PVE Servers, they can simply change from True too False and problem is solved. take all of 2 min.

Altho, they “should” and I mean SHOULD, get removed either by death IE sandstorm, Hunger or similar issues, they do NOT.

they again should… get auto removed after 7 days if they don’t log on, and you don’t know if they do or not. if they don’t they are suppose to get removed either way, the one close to my pen been since since a day after patch day of patch 34.

Ppl can grief you with this and more then that it’s really really stupied since we can’t act on it.

So Funcom, change the switch to FALSE and do NOT have ppl remain in the world upon logging off, since there are no logic to it, OR more work, prevent ppl from doing that on CLAMIED LAND.

Must say it’s a good way to piss ppl off, since either they are gone after 7 days or I’m done with Funcom and Conan for good.

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I’ve never had someone get inside and log,but I did have them log right outside…I get aggro from a croc and drag them by thier body and let him attack me while standing by them…they die lol…not sure if its possible for you to get a mob to them or not…but it shouldn’t be like this, they should die or be put back to the beginning after so many days.

Totally agree

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