BUG: visual, Neck seam

Game mode: [Single-player]
Type of issue: [Bug, visual]

I wanted to get into the game again after taking a little break, and i wanted to start from scratch.

I didnt see it at first but I noticed a seam in the neck and have tried everything to get rid of it, restarting pc, turned off all mods, uninstalled all mods, uninstall the game and re-installing it and none of it has worked.

it isnt anything major but would still be nice to have it looked at if possible.
(would upload image but unable to because im a new user)

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I have seen this too, but don’t know when it started. Wish it were fixed too.

Sure, there are still neck seems, with any avatar. What is changing is the light, the graphics, the rendering of it.

Then if you use a body mod, it may be more prononced, and visible, especially with some model (character choices). Mostly is more visible with bright light, low SSAO or none.
With dimmer lights, or in the nighttime, it’s mostly not noticable, or very few.
But virtual bodies are made out of bodies, head, hand and feet. :woman_shrugging:


Welcome to our community.
Could you post a screenshot of this issue? Since your account is new the system might give not allow it, but you can insert a space in between the characters and any of our staff can edit it afterwards so it shows correctly.

ive posted screenshot links as requested
screenshots from the character creation screen, and from in-game

its more noticeable on lower graphic settings
and it does seem to only affect the female model as far as i can tell

character creation screen
low: https://prnt.sc/nff3xd
ultra: https//prnt.sc/nfql0w

low: https://prnt.sc/nfe2pu
ultra: https://prnt.sc/nfqlz3

a few male screenshots incase it was wanted

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Thanks, we’ve edited your post with the links :slight_smile:
We’ll send note to our team.

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