BUG: Wearing the Mask of the Witch Doctor / Setite Mask can kill you - sanctuary of the serpent

Yesterday we step into the sanctuary of the serpent, enter the dungeon, cause of the gase inside we put on our masks ( my husband the witch doctor, me the setite) .

We died almost instantly from overheating…

I try to heal it out with bandages but… nope, eating ice … nope…

Maybe it depends on corruption ?
I did the vault few hours before and nothing happend with the mask ( same setup, pet, horse, weapons, buffood) , after we died, i try it after the vault outside ( put the with doctor on) and die…

ATM i throw it in the chest and leave it there…

Lost sigils depends on stupidness is fine, lost it on bugs is… not funny :frowning:


well that’s a nut to crack
dungeons on siptah currently lock your temperature upon entering you see, you can’t change it with any buff or otherwise
so it has to be other factor that applies temp debuff for some reason
people reported similar happenings after 2.0.6 hotfix too

any mods?

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we play on a official server so, no mods.

as is said i´ve done the vault hours before alone, same horse, same cat, same armor, same food, same drinks, same mask. all was fine.

a few hours later , got the same horse with me, same cat and so on.

the only thing that changed, my husband was with me, we entered the vault he put on the mask of the witch doctor, and die of overheating

i put on the mask of setite, die of overheating …

after respawn, we don´t use the mask, do the vault.

we went to the vampirethingboss near the vault, kill him and i wanna try it again outside!

put on the witch doctors mask and die of overheating

so… no idea what happend and why

appears something broke, fill-in bug report so they can notify proper team


I also overheated yesterday. In my base. I died in 20sec even though I got naked immediately and drank water.
Playing with mods so didn’t bother filling a bug repor, but that was strange for sure.


I think this has bee around for a while. A few weeks ago I went to the barrens and suddenly I was extrememly cold and all of sudden my hp bar just plummeted. It happened when i equipped an epic shield that had 5 bar heat protection I found in a chest near the tower. I wrote it off to me not being prepared for the temperature there like it was the Frost Giant complex on EL. But I’ve never had the temp bother me there again with basically the same resistance. Big difference was using that shield now that I look back on it. I wonder if some equipement doesn’t play well with the temp system. I’ve worn the Witch Doctor mask once right after finding it but had no problems.

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i´ll try it later again,with the same setup.
I have one sigil left so…


And yes it is very, very strange :frowning:

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