Bug when I go into some buildings or misson rooms

Hi when I go into small buildings or mission rooms it startts wigging out and will only show the walls outside, I have gone into first person mode and still does it have to /stuck to get out, I am trying to do the quest for the temple of 3 winds but every time I go into that building it starts wigging out and cant even see let alon click on the npc

You can adjust your camera a bit with the numpad:

4, 6: move sideways
2, 8: move up and down
5: center
+, -: zoom in and out

Can you maybe post a screenshot if this doesn’t help?

i have tried everything but this is what I get I cant upload a screen shot as it says that I cant being new to the forums this is extremely frustrating as all I see are the walls outside and the screen keeps shaking

As a work-around, you can tab the Windcaller and then press ‘e’ to open conversation with him. Control-tab instead of tab if you’re a neutral.