Bug when patching test

In that same directory, there is a file called version.id. Open it up with notepad, and change the version to:

(As of this post, both servers are on the same version.)

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This issue is happening now after the .1 was added

Now that the main version went up to 18.8.27, I’d recommend you delete the test server client you have now and run the duplicator again.

After running the client for test server, you will probably see that first screenshot again. Check out the title:

AnarchyPatcher - Local version: 18.8.27_EP1, Remote version:…

You’ll once again have to edit the version.id file with notepad. For some reason, the test server jumped to .3. So this time add ‘.3’ so its:

(I have no idea why test server jumped to .3 for version 18.8.27. Maybe this is why duplicator doesn’t automatically add in the .1)