Bug: wine cellar final boss does not spawn

topic, been here waiting for 45 minutes and it does not spawn, i have gotten out of the instance and come back inm, and nothing. (no boss) :frowning:

official server 1930

edit spawned after 52 minutes of waiting (is that normal?)

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Hey @Palm522

We’ve received a few reports about this in the past few hours. We’re awaiting results from QA to see if there’s an issue with the spawnrate of this particular boss.
Thanks for the feedback.

I died to the boss in the wine cellar and ran back. The boss is not here and doors are still closed. Im locked in with no way out been here for over 30 minutes. Server 3609

Possibly related, or possibly a conflict caused by a mod I’m using, but since this seems related:

I went to the Wine Cellar for the first time yesterday. Reached the end area, lit the fires as I saw Jens_Erik do on the stream. Felt tense. Then suddenly, lots of glowy blue undead guys appeared all around the room, and promptly fell down un-undead, just dead.

Because I haven’t seen how the boss fight is intended to unravel, I assume those glowy blue dudes are minions that spawn in during the fight and (maybe) die when the boss falls, but due to a glitch, the boss never arrived so the glowy blue dudes interpreted this as if the boss had died, and followed suit.

I looted their corpses and left via the exit. The boss’s corpse was nowhere to be seen. I’ve heard people say that sometimes the boss sinks into the floor, but despite some prodding and poking I couldn’t find anything interactable close enough to the surface so as to register.

Some of the mini-bosses in the dungeon also didn’t spawn, so I suspected this may have been caused by a mod that alters NPC spawn tables - but if the boss is acting shy even on officials, I thought this might be worth mentioning.

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The last boss spawn is 1h


This souunds like you have one of the “T4 Thralls Increase Spawn” mods from Multigun. I did some work testing to find that was the one for me and Multigun is working on an update for those mods. Also note worthy… Many of the mini bosses do not spawn in there with that mod active right now.

You’re right, and my suspicions were correct. After our wonderful @Multigun, Corvette of Asura, updated the T4 spawn increase mods, everyone in the dungeon started to spawn properly, including all minibosses. I almost wish they didn’t - boy do those skeletors hit like a ton of brick-loaded trucks. and like any good villain, they bring minions with them, too. (As did I, of course - Purple Ranja really earned her pay last night.)


Ha, yes! The baby bosses are no joke! When I made my first trip through when they were all waiting for me, the dungeon really got exciting. Honestly, after my first death, I thought for sure I forgot to put on armor or something. Nope. Had the full set of heavy FE DLC on at the time.

Hey guys I am a admin on my ps4 server and the wine cellar boss is almost a no show He has popped three times Sence Saturday whats going on with it ???

One hour spawn time, take note of the time when you kill him. Granted no one else on the server kills him before you get to him he will be spawnable again.

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