Bug with building and other

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I’ve made big base 16x12 and like 9 foundations top, i was building it for some time, cause i was changing my mind about the exterior and can’t finish building cause i need to build 8 wall pieces and i can’t place them because: “placement requires connection to landscape”, and I’ve tried to build wall al over the base and every where is that problem: “placement requires connection to landscape” I noticed this after last update, I’m playing this game for last 8 month and its first time that happens.
playing at PvE server 6422

I faced the problem of delving the bows, delving is pain in the butt, i sped 3000 eldarium bars to get 1 bow, and i didn’t got it, cause all the time I was getting same 5 recipes , its needed smth like if you have that recipes you don’t get it again, or chanse of getting the same lowers with every the same recipe, cause its not funny to spend plenty of time doing the Vaults, grind all that Eldarium, and didn’t get what you want, its kills the desire to play, cause u have 30 the same recipes of bow, and in general u have 150 recipes and all of them are same 5 bows. I think it needed to increase the amount of Eldarium in the Vaults, fix that problem when Vault is open, but main chest is empty, and made smth like is you have that recipe in delving bench you can’t get the same in 3-rd time.

One another problem/bug is when you’ve been killed, you came the mark on the map with your body, and you can’t see it, your body with all your gear and stuff erase, and i used to have that problem a lot of times.

Dear Funcom, what tot do with this?

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