Bug with dagger combos

Game mode: PC Singleplayer / It may happening online too from the few minutes I could play.
Problem: Bug | Performance

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Dagger combo light doesnt have 4 attacks anymore, its just 3, there isnt the 4th attack on light doing only light attacks, but with heavy the fourth attack will happen that being 1H 2H 3H 4L, I imagine this is a bug? not intentional I suppose.

And the following sequence of the combos does not fulfil all the attacks in the chain, not performing the 4 attacks that would supposed have to do.

Its always the fourth attack on the chain that misses, therefore in these combos you only do 3 attacks instead of 4.
These are: H is for heavy, L is for light

combo1. L L L L And L L L H aswell, both variants of the fourth attack doesnt happen.
combo2. L H L L And L H L H
combo3. H H L L And H H L H, " "

The rest is performing properly.

Repro steps:
1.Equip a Dagger
2. Perform the combos.