Bug with membership payment?


I was not playing in July, now I’ve wanted to buy a membership and I’ve got charged for July-August(month which I was not playing) and for August-September (that’s a correct one, for which I paid)

Did anybody had the same issue? I don’t want my money back, but if you can i would like to get the two months membership instead of one. Thank you!

I can’t upload the photos.

To prevent this you have to cancel your premium account after you buy the time you want. Don’t worry you dont lose your premium benefits for the time you bought. Else it will renew automaticaly every month.

depuis des moi les mails à contact assistance restent sans réponse, j’ai acheté du jeu avec paypal et carte de crédit er bien que le prélèvement soit effectué, je ne suis pas prémium.
que faire ?

faut contacter directement andyb par message privé. ya que comme ca que ca bouge