Bug with the performer thrall

when i capture a performer thrall and use the rope, i walk to my home thro the desert and then suddenly my performer dissapears in the sand and my rope is still good.
please solve this bug

There are different kind of ropes that helps you with the wake up time and also check the server settings about thrall wake up time. Too long distances will wake up the dude on the rope depending on your rope. Also remember if you switch to a torch the thrall maybe off the loose.

That’s different than what OP is talking about. I’ve seen the same thing happen when I pulled a thrall recently from the wardtowers to the mounds of the dead (about a 2 minute run). The thrall disappeared but the rope was still working. It’s different than when thralls actually wake up from being unconscious too long (which doesn’t seem to happen either after update 33).