Bugged out thrall

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: America

At the Sayd Secretkeeper spawn location on the volcano was a naked unnamed Performer (just said [Performer] over his head, nothing else).

I clobbered him and the name of the unconscious body was “Waiting for Data”. I tossed him into a new Lesser Wheel I built just for him (so he wouldn’t corrupt my normal wheels) and he was broken in about one minute with no slaver. His icon is the default brown sack icon and his mouse-over name is blank.

Once broken, he could be placed on my toolbelt, but could not be activated from there. He could not be placed into the thrall or pet slot in any station. The “Dye” option would appear when he was selected in my inventory, but he had no image in the dye window.

He also cannot be wielded, worn, cooked, pressed, ground, or tanned.

He obviously doesn’t always spawn there, so I know of no way to replicate the bug.

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