Buggy Mess-Server Browser/Crash

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Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc
Region: America
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I have a solid ping under 100. I wait hours to get into a server to have it rubbrband and crash. This game is fully released and your telling me the PS4 server browser can’t find my recent server in under 10minutes from the browser? This game is a buggy crappy mess. How can you call this released when I rubber band off a cliff to my death. Or I am frozen and have to wait hours before I can get past a load screen. I spent $50 for an unfinished game claiming to be done. No consistency with anything. I even stood in an official server for an 1 1/2 hours to eat dinner. Come back and I’m still on. If the crashes don’t let you in, then people standing AFK will. It’s ridiculous. No fixes for any of this in sight, and everything is clunky and performs poorly if at all. Funcom, get your act together. This is pathetic for $50 for a “complete” game. Stop flattering yourself and fix the endless bugs. It’s ruining everything.

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You said everything and said nice

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I agree it is quite laggy, I died a few times in combat due lag. Sometimes you can’t run/roll away because you just teleport back to your enemy.