Bugreport Altar of Ymir

Game mode: [Online | PvE server Amicus (password protected)
Problem: | Bug |
Religion: [Ymir]

I levelled up the Altar of Ymir up to lvl 2.
Then the last patch (about a week ago) was released and I was set back to lvl 1 afterwards (recipes from lvl 2 were gone as well). Hence I made a new altar.
Before the patch I could make Manifestation of zeal tokens by crafting the Hoar-Frost Hatchet. After, I can’t create the tokens anymore. How to lvl up now huh?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build a lvl 1 Altar of Ymir.
  2. Go craft Hoar-Frost Hatchets and expect manifestation zeal tokens
  3. See none appear while crafting
  4. Report a bug.

Harvest ice shards and craft armor for zeal. The “balance pass” removed zeal rewards from easy to craft blessed tools.

Edit: or ice, if you don’t have the armor unlocked yet.