Bugs after updating, the loaders and the large storage boxes and small itens are blakening on them!



Hello developers;
After updating, the loaders, (NPCs Domesticated loaders), are retrieving all the food from the food destribuitor fulling all there slots with it, the large storage boxes and small itens are blakening on them.

Reported situations are without installed mods!

Screen prints:

PC Post-Halloween Patch (07.11.2018)

Im having the same trouble after the patch.


Hello “dogbyte”, thanks for sharing the same bug.
It’s a boring situation, but for sure the Funcom will solve this bug very soon, I trust them to 200%! :smiley:


Same issue/bug here as well.


This “issue” is an activated filter as i can see on the right part of your screens. Everything but building pieces are deactivated, so if you click again on house filter icon (that small sword, shield, etc.) everything will return to normal colors. I hope this will help.


My players and me noticed the same on my private server, the filters atop the inventory slots now behave differently. On my server, clicking the ‘building parts’-filter again should activate everything again.


First, Forgive me about my English, thank you

After Update

When I put thrall into the blacksmith’s bench or armorer’s bench, I still could not craft the flawless equipment.

My thralls are tier 4


Hello players;
As said by “Helset”, by clicking on the items “house, sword, shield etc, the” disappeared "items come back!
The other reported situation remains!

Print screen:


Hello “Helset”, thank you very much for your help, here resulting, with the “missing” items, have returned to normal!
I edited an image to share the solution with everyone.


Good to know that the blacked out items was just an issue with the filters. I will report the other issue to the dev team. Please let me know if you’re playing on an official server, a private server, or the single-player mode.

Could you also let me know if it’s just the bearer thralls (“loaders”) filling their inventories with food or all thralls?


Had this on Ps4, But was my inventory. Logging out and back in fixed it.

Didnt effect me really in anyway, other then making it hard to see what some of my character inventory was.


Hello Jens_Erik
Thanks for your attention to the bug reported, we play on a private server, the situation is observed in the slaves loaders, the others do not eat and the counter remains at Zero, as if food system was inactive, loaders have there food and water full but we do get a message sayng your mascot is hungry.!

Print Screen:


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