Bugs and Exploits on OCT 7

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [USA]

Named Archer thrall has 1500 health, while T2 archers have 1600
Jhebbal sag headress icon shows up as a bag
One tiny plant by the… I think priestking’s retreat is floating. It’s adorable, up on the cliff while walking past it
Night vision potion, after it wears off everything becomes super vibrant. It’s really beautiful, but I know it’s not supposed to do that
I had an issue where jars would not blow up star metal casings
Idk if it’s a bug, but light arrows sometimes do not place. If I shoot something too close it won’t put a spot of light

Event log is an issue. Won’t update what is destroyed unless I am right beside what got attacked, and only then it says “sandstone foundation owned by clan_beastmaster was destroyed by .” Really bothersome, I had no clue my building had a hole until I went on that side.

The Den no longer spawns armorers, meaning no flawless hyena armor anymore, and jhebbal sag priests spawn so much. I have a named and archpriest already, there are two spawn points as well there

Exploit I found: you can overfill crafting stations easily.

Archer: look at health bars
Headress: look in inventory
Potion: drink and wait to wear off. Look at the sunrise, it’s a great sight to see with it
Arrow: shoot the light arrows at the ground near ya

Fill it up, say we are cooking shrimp. Fill it fully with shrimp and set it going. When one cooks, grab the cooked one and swap it with an uncooked at the top on the station. Then take the cooked one and drag it over one in your inventory. You can overfill any station, like furnaces or fluid presses

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What type of T2 archers? Not sure if that one’s a bug, need more info. The faction matters, so you’d expect Votarie T2 archers to have more health than a named Darfari for example.

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