Bugs and More Bugs

Game mode: [Online | Private server
Problem: [ | Bug |
Region: [US]

Some of the Bugs are not constant problems but do happen regularly and never happen to everyone at the same time

  1. can use or equip items from hotbar, sometimes items can be returned to the main inventory and then placed back into the hotbar to get them to work or be able to use, other times the player must log out reboot the the game and re-enter

2 Body marker on the map when killed does not show up rebooting is the only way we can get it to work but this only shows you death markers after the reboot

3 Not able to Drink or Eat, food items cooked uncooked and water, water skins, water orbs ect. all give the option to use but when used do nothing, items do not disappear form inventory, standing in water or going to a well has no effect…rebooting is the only fix

4 Building or rebuilding…I was a victim of a purge attack (wolves) after the purge had ended i had several foundations, walls ect destroyed ,. when i went to replace the missing components if a foundation had been destroyed and the wall was left hanging because of the ceiling tiles holding it, I could not replace the foundation until i had destroyed the wall above it, and then would have to destroy all the walls above it all the way to ceiling tile and then destroy the ceiling tile to make the repair, Same thing with open temples sitting on foundations only, several foundations has been destroyed under the temple leaving part of the temple over hanging the foundations that had survived ,i could not replace the missing foundations until i destroyed the temple (rebooting did not help this issue)

5 Characters not dressed or undressed correctly…Yes i am a guy who LOVES Big Boobs, my character now always loads showing the default modesty warp that covers the female characters boobs, but at the main inventory screen she appears topless, the only fix is to equip any piece of clothing and then unequip it

Bugs 1-4 happen to me and to the other players on the server, But forr me it might be the hotbar issue, and something different for someone else, or they might not have any issues it seems to be player specific if it happens, but somebody is always logging out and rebooting

Bug number 4 maybe the way the game was intended and not be a bug, but it sure is a pain the azz

Bug 5 only happens to my character, and only started this after i created a character in single player