Bugs and tweaks PC

Hello I am a long time player and love the game, just keeps getting better!

Here is a list of major bugs and tweaks I believe need to be made to bring up the quality…

  • wooden palisades use to be crafted with smaller palisades, now require 50 shaped wood while the smaller version still uses branches
  • elevators are deathly slow, almost useless if you have the option to climb near by, speed should be increased.
  • benches lose second half of crafting menu beyond exceptional but still scrolls down to bottom and list items in the window with no picture
  • horse disappears into cliff if you have him follow you while climbing a rocky cliff
  • wolves just have way to much health, I don’t know why this is when the one you breed has low HP
  • this game needs a mirror to adjust player appearances, essential if you ask me and many many of my fellow barbarians
  • wooden spikes still indicate there is an option to decorate them with skulls when you can’t
  • no outlined popularity or wanted gage, some times you will get attacked randomly in a city out of no where and suddenly the whole city is after you. Sometimes you can walk through no one bothers you, this seems all to random with no outlined reason to why either occur
  • lizards spit balls make arrow sound on impact, very poor.
  • able to see clear circle of light around protected torch pole, especially in snow at night
  • animals eat from the feed box way to fast
  • random items disappearing in drop bag upon picking the bag up
  • clipping vibrating and stutter on over lapping floor mats, some general items as well
  • it would be cool to mount animal skulls on the wall

these are all off the top of my head and hope to see at least some of these issues addressed! I will post more as I come across them, I would really love to see this game as the best RPG to date.

Cheers, N o r d i c 8

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