Bugs? Day 2 stream ( + Fatal error )

Game mode: Official
Type of issue: I dont know either bug crash or something
Server type: PVE
Region: Europe
Mods?: NO

Bug Description:

Again like from day 1 only now they did not appeared in in video (what is good) but game crashed while streamed so first about bugs then about crash

  1. This - Screenshot by Lightshot (survivalist set)
    Like every thing gives some recipe but i dont even know, how its possible to get survivalist set (should be on asuras but as u see nothing happens)
  2. Surge altairs dupes fuel?
    Tryed surge, last tier, i somehow harvested 20 greaters (???) but in altar it turned into 1050 : I mean ok i am werry bad at math … took me like more years to pass it but aint 1 greater 50? means 50 x10=500x2(20) = 1000? nobody was near and altar maked one greater more on its own?
  3. Surge drops
    what point is to surge now anyway??? I taked T4 aesir surge, and it well drops was like
    4 waves :
    1) All golden HP ( normal means knockable T4-5 warriors) bt these was not knockable and Veterrans, but some named ones had skulls on them (also not knockablle)
    2) Some gold but also mostly veterans 1 dancer
    3) t3 workers … or t2 + veterans again + 1 kitten
    4) Aesir warrior , 2 priests and 1 worker of t4… again veterans with gold names …
    my point there is - why VETERANS has gold nameplates like T4 if they actually are boss creatures (1 skull)
  4. About crash - i think i sended already crash report but it was happening only when exiting ashlands to any other region ( like day 1 report this one u can see on day 2 stream 2:45 or so, basic i ended game on it… )

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