Bugs encountered with Singleplayer Character Copy

Game mode: | Single-player ]
Type of issue: | Bug |
Server type: | PvE ]
Region: [ Oceanic ]
Hardware: [ Xbox One S]

Bug Description: Multiple Journey Steps breaking, Character name breaking

  • Character names that contain letters such as þ, ð etc will not register correctly on destination map and display as ??- Skaði becomes Sk??i. Journey Steps break on destination map. Sending a fresh level 60 from Isle of Siptah to a fully completed Journey Steps (only Escape Exiled Lands step remains) Exiled Lands save breaks all ‘scout X camp’, ‘visit X settlement’ and ‘Explore the Exiled Lands’ Journey Steps as they’re already discovered by the original character*

Expected Behavior:

*Journey Steps to work as intended, either by inheriting the original character’s or clean slating it for the fresh transfer

Steps to Reproduce:

Send a fresh level 60 with minimal Journey Steps completed to a fully discovered and Journey Steps completed destination map or try sending someone named Þorr or Skaði to a destination map

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Hi @Lucidique and thank you for sharing this information with us.

The team is aware of the Journey Steps issue and they are currently investigating the issue further.
As for the special characters name issue, we’ve passed this over to the rest of the team.

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