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Region: [EU]

As of this update since it has released on PS4 the nudity settings no longer saves changes & it only stays on none for me. Whenever I change it and go back it goes back to none. I still see thrall animations glitching when walking making the model look like it’s slow walking at super speed animation. Thrall follow doesn’t seem to be smooth they walk for a bit stop don’t do anything then just teleport to you and on teleport they get stuck into the ground. When fighting the thrall sometimes does not attack and just stands there and lets himself get beaten up. Sometimes on character death when I go back to retrieve my inventory from my body the map shows where I died and when I get there my body is no longer there and the icon is still on the map.

AI aggro system needs to be changed its very annoying when you see hyenas killing exiles and when they see you its like oh hey lets team up and kill the player. This ruins the immersion of wilderness because there killing each other but then stop to team up and fight me it’s not truly wild. Animals should kill npc exiles and not team up with them to fight me just because I walked into the scene. Those npcs should ignore me and focus on killing the animals attacking them first before deciding to go kill the player. and vice versa with creatures fighting exile npcs.

As I come across new bugs I will edit this post and add more to the original post.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
3.Change Nudity Settings
4. Go back the changes do not save

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