Bugs galore - building structure?

What do I need to do to send a request to the appropriate persons on the Funcom team to help identify bug issues given a base structure made primarily of sandstone? I designed a tower that has invisible forces that teleport people and throw people around; yes, these are bugs. Also, certain base structures cannot be utilized in forming a pyramid because the game cannot register the placement. Everything has been designed to be symmetrical and any part of the design that is irregular is due to these bugs. Returning to the construction of the tower I find pieces missing and my server is not set for building decay. Please, let me know who to contact and I will give them full access in applying their skills in coming up with bug fixes? Plenty of thanks ahead of time.

Have you used the repair hammer to check the stability? Updates to the building system can affect that. I have stairs that used to show 100% stability that now show 75% stability. They are attached to foundations at both ends that show 100% stability.

This is the top floor of my tower.

Yap, that looks very much like a stability issue! Stabilty is calculated more harsh at a server restart / reload of the a game.
And about the placement not registering, it happens very often or always around doors, stairs and railings. Nearly all of these bugs can be circumvented. As a last resort demolish around a spot where it happens and rebuild it in a different placement order.

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