Bugs I have found in SinglePlayer

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [everywhere]

OK so here goes I’m going to cover everything I’ve experienced in Single player offline mode which is all I play.

Firstly the thralls have tons of bugs ranging from standing on you, getting stuck, knocking them out with truncheon and then having them disappear, the horse glitching into an awkward downward angle, thrall followers stopping in combat and standing there then not following the return command or teleporting to you.

  1. Had my first purge and they kept spawning INSIDE my base which was really annoying.

  2. Placing thralls on walls to theoretically shoot enemies below them is laughable. Highest attack distance range priority and they stand there doing nothing.

  1. Experienced frequently during exploration and within my base.

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