Bugs in south island NPC camps

Game mode: Select one: Online official ]
Type of issue: [ Select one: Bug ]
Server type: [ Select one: PvP ]
Region: [ EU ]
Hardware: [ xbox series S ]

Bug Description:

When looting/exploring some of the small camps to the south there are some camps where it is not possible to interact with items such as opening chests looting pre existing corpses or picking up figurines, noticeably the small camp just next to the to ships in K5(I believe?) It is impossible to interact with any chest or figurine, also in the grey ones city it is impossible to pick up the vast majority of figurines and fragments, happens on both official and private servers, before or after restart doesnt matter.

Expected Behavior:

Being able to pick up figurines and loot chests

Steps to reproduce:

Go to either the small camp next to the 2 ships in the south east or the grey ones city and try to interact with the figurines or chests. It will say you found a mysterious figurine but nothing happens.


Same Here!

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It’s not just some camps it’s all the camps that have these problems one day it works the next it doesn’t and in some camps i haven’t been able to pick up figurines or loot chests since day one I’m really not surprised about this just wondering when there gonna fix it 2 months in 3 maybe 4 how knows.

Hi there, any response before this gets auto closed would be nice =)

Lol i have had topics open for months with out funcom saying a word as long as we keep talking on here it will stay open :+1::grin:

I understand the frustration of funcom not saying a word I’m use to it and sometimes you gotta ask your self y are you even hear because you do get the expression that they don’t care and when they do reply it’s almost never what you want to here.

We are lucky to have the community team. If you visit many other forums they are staffed by volunteers with no direct access to devs.


Usually they do respond to my posts… never had a post unanswered just hoping this wont be the first one lol… I try to be clear in my description and add 0 toxicity that usually helps… they probably just overlooked it cause I didnt add the “bug” tag, or maybe the title isnt descriptive enough.

(I changed the title and added a bug tag… let’s hope that helps)

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Ok guys let me say this a different way for you unless its on their list of things they want to take care of first don’t :crossed_fingers:for a response.that’s been my experience with funcom and for me saying they don’t care maybe I was being a little hard on funcom they do care but only about the priority list so this topic was started 8 days ago and nothing from funcom so it’s obviously not on the priority list have a happy 4th :grin:

Greetings @montana1,

Thank you for your report and apologies for the delay in our response.
Would you be able to point on the in-game map which camps are being problematic?

Thanks in advance.

Thank your for getting back to me =) the delay is no problem I’m just happy you guys saw it

In this camp particularly(see circle) no chests are possible to interact with nor figurines are possible to pick up, also in the grey city at the center of it where the pillar structure is the figurines can not be interacted with. I can provide screenshots after tomorrow I will make them next time I’m on

I have switched to a new private server and haven’t had the issue occurring yet… maybe its when the server gets populated or something else. I will keep an eye out to be able to get a gameclip of the occurence

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lmfao we are lucky to have the community team. stockholm syndrome anyone? classic victim mentality of an abusive relationship. ok… im sure it will never happen again and they will try to be better.
they arent customer service and they arent the devs. they cannot help, cannot fix the issues, and are not going to play carrier pigeon.

this is just a place where you come to complain about things that dont work, lament what could otherwise be a good game, vent a little and commiserate with those similarly aggravated and frustrated, and otherwise shouting into the wind.

why would they care anyway? they already have our money and this is certainly not a premier brand like a bethesda, rockstar, ubisoft, bungie (not that i have zero issues with some of these names, but at least they seem to be committed to quality releases and operate with more than a part time bunch of freshman IT interns)

Oh just so they cannot say the post was off topic and temp ban again, the NPC camp bugs continue to be an issue up and down the map, as does disappearing resource nodes, random respawn deaths, constant game crashes and servers going down faster than a $2… nevermind that one.

There is no customer service department at FC. There is no telephone number i can find. There has never been a single reply to any tickets i submitted through the link in game that open XB browser page used to sub tickets.

The forum is where we go to report issues with the game…the Mods pass our reports to the Dev team…its as close as we get to customer service…no CS department, no lame foreign call center, no in game support, FC dosent support customers, period.

Hey all,

Thanks for the report. Most of these issues are being ironed out in 2.5, with more quality passes on Siptah’s camps and geommetry.
We’re aiming to release 2.5 sometime after the Summer break.

We’ll proceed to close the thread as it has once again turned into an offtopic argument.