Bugs in the game

Built a base in PVE_C at the Witch eye. But the Mountain Lions can get inside my base. They can go thru simple walls but not foundation pieces. Please fix this. Also finding in Siptah and the original game now that I often encounter the message “must be placed on a walkable surface” when trying to place an animal particularly if trying to stand them on grass. This was not a problem previously in the original game but appeared after Siptah released.

Noticed this with the flotsam tileset. Were you using the Siptah tilesets or something else?

I get no matter what tileset it is.

I don’t know if this will help or not -
(1) I found that the times I got this error were when I was placing a thrall close to an object (not close enough that it should have been a problem - but it seemed to be playing into it) and when I shifted my aim point slightly it placed ok. I thought at the time it was object proximity, but it also may have been (2)

(2) someone else suggested that they had found looking more downwards at the point they were aiming at helped them (as opposed to standing to the side and aiming more across) - I was still on the same level when I found it worked, but was placing them closer to me, which would also adjust the angle to more downwards.

Hopefully it gets fixed soon, but in the meantime maybe there’s something here that helps a bit.

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