Bugs I've encounter so far from early access (PC)

Hello, so first bug i had found is when a mutant bleed out and i exit combat to heal them, they seem to remain in bleed out and end up glitching and falling into endless black screen. Reloading brings them back but bleed out status remain. I don’t know if that is intended or not for bleed out.

Second bug and seem to be rare. I encounter it once only. When i leveled up and use the point to spend it, it ended up crashing with weird static noises.

the third bug i had encounter is sometimes using covers will lock character in place and not being able to recall them at all

EDIT: for got to mention alt-tabbing crashes the game and makes computer unresponsive for several secs

last thing I see graphic lag on map loading screen and it seem for my computer graphic don’t lag anywhere else but there

hope this helps :sunny:

I’ve experienced that third bug too. The solution that seem to work for me on that one is to open the mutation screen and select the different team members then exit out of that screen again and they are suddenly able to recall again. It does happen every now and then.

Also when I hide someone and recall them, then get a bug where they are stuck and can’t move, I’ll switch to a different character and regroup. That usually teleports the stuck character to the other one once you move a bit away.