BUGS: Kiting Enemies/Thralls So They Will Not Respawn + Companions Do Not Defend

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BUG 1: Players will routinely kite enemies, thralls, pets and thus, resources so that they are unkillable, and will therefore no longer respawn.

  • editorial: PVP officials are bleeding players. New players are completely discouraged when valuable thralls won’t respawn until a server reboot, after which time the perp does it once again. This happens in the starter oasis, and has an immediate choking-off effect. I saw this on a 40/40 Halloween Event server.

BUG 2: When Raid Window was implemented on PVP Official Servers, it created an entirely new mindset that never before existed. Now players can climb among one’s carefully-laid defenses, 18 hours out of every day. PVP Companions need to defend during non-raid hours.

BUG 1 Reproduction Steps

  1. Find an enemy that annoys you
  2. Determine which thralls he’s working
  3. During off hours, kite said thralls into unkillable places
  4. Thralls won’t respawn until reset, and (typically novice) player will be SOL

This is an active choke-out maneuver I saw implemented recently during the Halloween Event. I know what I saw has been partially patched, but I also know there are ways to still do it.


  1. Build a base on PVP
  2. Surround base with hard-nosed defenders
  3. Watch in horror as players climb all over your stuff during the day, looking for vulnerabilities
  4. Wonder why you’re playing with most of the fun removed from the game for 18 hours of the day

Both of these bugs are listed here https://trello.com/b/9QvGiC1W/conan-exiles-community-reports as Backlogged. For me, these are two more compelling reasons for why Official PVP is broken.

As an avid PVP enthusiast, I believe these two issues should be dealt with more immediately. Because there is no inherent nomination ability in the various sections of the log in its nascent state, I have chosen to raise their profile here. I very much wanted to return to public server life, but the culture of starvation and glitching is too prevalent. Furthermore, until Companions can defend properly outside of Raid Window, I suggest to all my friends a 24/7 instead. As an EA player, I can say things were way more civil back during 24/7 Raid. There were rules. Now it’s just Wild West 18 hours of the day.

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