[BUGS] mobs/breaking bases/eventlog/purge

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bugs
Region: EU official server #1140.

The demon spider world boss can be kited to peoples bases to be used as a siege weapon. Remove the building damage from the world bosses.

I logged in this morning in our main base, everything was fine. Log in 2 hours later, the base is weirdly destroyed outside of raiding hours. The event log shows nothing. What in the world is that all about? Please explain what happened to my base? Because there is no logic to anything about that. Also scrolling in the event log, please?

Please turn off the broken purge. It does not work just remove the warnings and turn the feature off entirely until you fix it.

Perhaps retask the entire office to optimization and bug fixing instead of new features. 40 people on one server, need to be at least 100 for it to be exciting. But since the optimization is so bad it cant be more than 40. please work on this!