Bugs (New for me, maybe known)

  1. Conan Exiles / ConanSandbox / Config

DefaultEngine “gc.BlueprintClusteringEnabled=False”

If you change this setting to “True”, the game freezes while loading, the server list is empty and cannot connect to the server even via IP. The default is “True” after the game is installed, but if the player makes the change manually, the edge will work (Game tested with mods and without mods)

  1. If you change the picture resolution in windows and then in the game settings, the game does not display servers, freezes and if you want to connect to a server that contains mods, after the game restarts when the mods is checked as a result, the servers are not displayed (Tested with mods and without mods, 60hz, 75hz and 144hz, same problem)

  2. DLC “Treasures of Turan Pack”…

If you place a carpet on foundations (default large carpet), the game does not show it, which means you do not see it. If you put it there even if you can’t see it and then put the other on it, everything works fine (Tested with mods and without mods, online and SP)

  1. If there is a carpet in the room, when it is lifted, all workstations around it are automatically destroyed. Personally, I think this bug can often be exploited during raiding because destroying the carpet can destroy the crates around so players don’t have to waste unnecessary explosives (Tested online and SP, mods and without mods)

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