Bugs of update 22/11/2018

Please forgive me for not doing it the proper way. Currently testing on official testlive pve. (EU3)
I am going to edit this as I find more bugs or other issues.

The shield telling about the toons crimes and where one sets the name is totally blurred for me.

I cannot loot a thing using e, only quickloot (f) seems to work for me on corpses.
(Seems to be due to looting other player stuff isnt possible on pve. I dont know wether that affected NPC loot as well. Chests in the world which arent owned by anyone are NOT affected.)

Couldnt harvest a crocodile corpse with my stone hatchet.
Ok. Next tried harvest worked after ~3 seconds of harvesting. Lags? Have seen the same happen to me with mods installed. No mods installed on testlive client though.

I experience quite a few lags as I play on testlive EU 3 (pve). All shorter ones, not deadly, but seemingly the performance isnt too well with that patch? I might be wrong though. Hopefully (?) I am the sole one to experience it like that?

Next issue.
Changing the recipe of snake arrows has been needed but…
It’s actually impossible to craft now. I think you should use the hearts instead of these religious tokens. Or the arrows need to be moved to the altar instead of the carpenters bench/station.

Can confirm the lag both in official server and single player. Little hiccups frequently when moving around, definitely was not there before. If I had to guess it would be the land claim announcer.

Second that about the snake arrows. The tokens cannot be moved off the alter. This is probably an oversight, and I expect it will be fixed.

That said, my druthers are that the arrow damage remains unchanged, or even that the poison stack on them becomes more powerful to counter-act the damage decrease. Given they are now more expensive to craft (assuming the tokens are required) they are re-classified as a medium or high-end item. I prefer these items not be nerfed to the point where they go unused if for maybe one or two circumstances. I rather they just not be so easy or inexpensive to make.

The new jump animations need a lot of love. They feel super unnatural and floaty, there is no weight to the take off, or landing. The land from a high fall is a nice touch, however, and that one feels a lot better.

The rename feature on placeables is nice. Thank you!

Is this for all new characters or did it happen just that one time?

Could you give some examples of things you aren’t able to loot? If it’s player owned it’s intended that you can’t loot it. Are you also having trouble looting NPC corpses?

Please let us know if this continues :slight_smile:

This is a bug and has already been fixed internally.

Thank you for the feedback!

There is also a bug when moving partly items between containers. Holding Shift while moving item you can enter the amount move, when pressing OK it just move half of the items regarding what amount you enter in. If you just press ‘enter’ it moves the amount specified.

I have only created one so far, sorry. (EU3)
Edit: Seems not to happen each time. On EU2 the shield was clear.
Edit 2: Yep, all clear for EU1 too. Maybe it can happen due to the client having loaded up for the first time after installation/patch?

I couldnt loot black hand and darfari NPCs, so I think it affects all human NPCs/all NPC with loot in their inventory.
Later I stumbled upon a decayed building but I already heard of looting other players containers (including their bags on the ground) is NOT possible on pve.
Might not be the case for pvp though! I guess I should check this.
Edit 2: I am not able to loot exile NPCs on EU1 the usual way (testlive pvp). Only via quickloot.

A nice, thanks. :slight_smile:

Edit 2: Still a little laggy - after having joined EU1 and running to the newbie river due to wanting to check wether looting exile NPCs is possible there, I seem to be experiencing more and slightly longer lags than yesterday.

Same here. Killed a bunch of darfari and hitting e on their corpses does not open the loot window. Only way to loot the corpses is to use mouse wheel and then hit q to loot an item or f to loot everything. kill 20 or so darfari so far and all same result. e no longer works on corpses with loot.

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