Bugs on Official 1587!

Just want to note here some things here that are happening on 1587.

Bug list:

  1. Fish traps are not working after they fill once and are unloaded.
  2. Bee Hives are not producing more than one honey after initially filling up just once.
  3. Water wells are not filling after one use
  4. Vaults float in the air after destroying all foundations are destroyed that are supporting the vault.
  5. Tiles keep disappearing from structures for no reason. (It is not decaying)

Server status:

Our server seems to constantly have issues staying online and resets multiple times a day on most days.

I know we could change servers, however, I don’t find the thought of rebuilding a third time very compelling. Would probably move on from Conan if this is the case. Please let us know if there are any plans to address these problems/issues.


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Anything? Any response is better than none…:sunglasses:

1, 2 and 3 are fixed if you read the testlive patch notes. Or even the PC status one.

So as soon as the patch is released its solved on prod servers.

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Thank you for the list of issues you’ve encountered. We’ll be looking into these issues (if they are not being looked into already).

A quick note on tiles disappearing:

Building in Conan Exiles might not be as intuitive as other games with similar mechanics. I know for myself, as someone who played minecraft, I had to learn a little bit about support pillars and beams. You might benefit from a guide like this:

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The mother of all patches was a sight for sore eyes…:rofl:

The building mechanic I get. All of my tiles stay 40% or better on stability. But I will give the link a look since I haven’t seen it yet.

Thank you both!

Funny how none of these issues were fixed on our server with the patching that has been done over the last week. Just wondering if any of these are on the board to be taken care of soon. Leaving one clan with an advantage on oil makes things rough at times. For now, we will just keep raiding them for their oil.


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