Bugs regarding journey steps and landmarks

**Game mode: Online private
**Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
**Region: EU
**Hardware: PS4

Bug Description:

Certain landmarks won’t appear on the map when you visit them. The journey step about exploring the Exile Lands won’t be completed. Also the achievement about maintaining a normal temperature on cold cases won’t popup, when your character wears the proper armor and consumes food/drinks which reduces the cold effects.

Been broken since day 1 and not priority for this company. You are barking up a dead tree… Just play the game and forget about the journey steps… No one cares… Been begging since 2018.

The Find all Locations, has bee “fixed” Thou it doesn’t work for everyone.

You’ll need check a island in Jungle for a new landmark. Or head into Southwest Desert (past ghost wall) to were Starter Cut Scene location is.

Sadly, I’ve rechecked maps multi-times. Never manage to trigger the step. Many others have.

This one has been working for sometime… its just how its triggered.
As of latest patch, I go to bridge of betrayer. (my go to spot…) till I hit spot that hits extreme cold.

I slap down 1 insulation foundation piece and walls etc, hop on in, eat my food and hold a torch and before I can hit extreme cold, it’ll trigger.

Hot one, eating ice and some protection works most of time for me. Plently of spots were its extremely hot. Havn’t had issue with this one in long time.

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The two I haven’t been able to get or to figure out are the “Survive a sandstorm without shelter” and the “Kill an enemy by standing on it’s head” ones. No matter what I try… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sandmask :wink:

It needs? OK, that’s weird, but OK…

I can survive without potions, shelter, or mask though - even completely naked. But it needs the mask on you say huh? Okay…


While standing in it. Is the key.

You can be outside its range, while it passing you by and be 100% fine. But you need to be in sandstrom (lower SW of map) with sandmask to trigger it.

Requires co-op or Online play. PVP/Player Damage on. Over-load yourself with items. And then walk off a ledge (any height) so you land on another person head.

He he he >_>


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