Bugs That Need Fixed ASAP

Game mode: Single-Player
Problem: Bug/Performance
Region: North America

The most annoying bug I have been encountering is when you die, your corpse disappears and your loot is gone. I had roughly a weeks worth of items that I worked extremely hard to obtain, only for them to just vanish. This bug is so bothersome that I have taken a two week long break. Fix this now please!

The second bug I have been encountering is when you consume food or health items. An example is when you eat berries or insects and they replenish tiny bits of health over a few seconds, but if you consume a higher quality food right after, which should boost your hp regen far more than a low quality item, it has no effect and instead acts as if you are just eating more berries. Like a fish that you caught and cooked that should restore 2 or 3 hp per second, but instead replicates the first food item you consumed. Also, if you eat a food item right after the health regen effect ends, it literally does nothing. You have to wait a couple of seconds then eat again or it simply won’t replenish health. This is ridiculous and it makes the process of gaining like 250 health incredibly long and boring. You have to sit there and count, then wait a few seconds to eat again, and repeat the process. Once again, this is enough to make me exit my game and take a break because it is so frustrating.

Finally, there’s a performance issue in single player that shouldn’t even be present. I understand the lag and performance issues while playing multiplayer, but why the hell is my guy freezing and randomly lagging when I’m just running around or I’m in combat? I was in a 20 minute battle with a high-level enemy and was doing great, making sure to dodge and get little hits in when I can, and suddenly, I go to finish him off and the game lagged for 2 or 3 seconds and when it focused back, I’m dead. Completely unavoidable. Now add the fact that I spent 40 minutes walking back only to discover my body vanished with all of my glorious loot.

I gave this game props at first and it’s still far better than Ark, but the petty bugs like this that should have been fixed on the first week of the game’s release is the whole reason I stopped playing Ark. Now, I’m pretty fed up with Conan. I gave you like sixty five dollars of my hard earned cash (literally, because my job is backbreaking) and you slapped me right across my face with a greasy hand.

Fix your game or it’s going in the little brown box in the back of my closet that contains my other dissappintments: Ark and Mass Effect.

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I dont think the regen thing is a glitch… get a dancer thrall if you want faster regen. Place it in your base and watch it for a bit to get a regen effect that stays with you till you die

Usually your body is just invisible if you know the exact spot you died you should still be able to harvest it then claim your items

Also if you die on or next to a recourse node sometimes your body can disappear inside it, so you have to destroy the node to find your body

Also since your playing single player you can just adjust your server settings to disable item drop on death, that way when you your character dies you’ll retain all your items when you respawn. Then no more having to return to your fallen body only to find that it disappeared.